AMPLIFIED YOUTH is the identity and purpose of young people at GBPFC.

To AMPLIFY means to expand, to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity, and to increase the strength of, or to make louder). The greek verb of the word amplify is Ενισχύω (en-is-khoo’-o) and is used in Luke 22:43 (KJV) to describe the angelic supernatural strengthening from heaven that Jesus Christ experienced when He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane “remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done”. Our goal in youth ministry is to foster an environment for young people to become AMPLIFIED YOUTH filled with Holy Ghost ENERGY, commissioned by God’s POWER, and sent out to be a VOICE of truth to a lost world! When we don’t believe we can overcome the flesh or fulfill the call of God on our lives, we have an advocate with the Father who will AMPLIFY (strengthen) us through prayer, His Word, and the infilling of His Spirit, the Holy Ghost. 

GBFPC stands behind its young people, guiding them to a deeper walk with God to carry on the gospel of truth. The world is filled with hungry pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults searching for peace and a message that will set them free from the torment of the enemy. Youth have great value and purpose and can be used mightily when in the hands of the One True Living God (Psalms 127:3, 4).

Young people are not separate from the church, they are an integral, energized, powerful, and growing voice of the church. Our purpose in youth ministry is to foster an atmosphere where young people experience fun, fellowship, unified worship, and spiritual development. Our goal is to see young people be the light of the world in their youth and to mentor them into their calling in the Kingdom of God.