About Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing is an exhilarating ministry. It presents an opportunity for young people to plant the Word of God in their heart, meet other Apostolic young people from their surrounding region and across the nation, and enjoy competition based from the best selling book of all time.

Bible Quizzing requires an individual to discipline themselves to study and review material continually. In a given year, a senior Bible Quizzer learns about 500 verses from a selected book or various books of the Bible. To compete, the senior quizzer must be able to answer questions asked out of those verses from memory. The questions range from 1 to 10 parts, can be cross-referenced (meaning the question targets multiple verses or chapters or books), or quotation in which a quizzer must quote a verse or multiple verses verbatim. As you may have concluded, it requires much time to become a competent and competitive quizzer.

Bible Quizzing is made up of three divisions: beginner, junior, and senior. Each division challenges the individuals based on their age and experience. The hard work, fun, excitement, and exhilaration of quizzing pays off when a team qualifies to travel to the National Bible Quiz Tournament (Nationals) in Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in the nation. But, more importantly, Bible quizzers will benefit all throughout life from studying and implanting the powerful Word of God in their heart. Psalms 119:11 says “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee”. Young people all over this nation are involved in Apostolic Bible Quizzing and are gaining a love and respect for the Bible.

Bible Quizzing has been a ministry of Greater Bakersfield First Pentecostal Church since 1980. GBFPC’s very first Bible Quiz team made it to Nationals, which was hosted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many Bakersfield teams have been to Nationals since. Numerous dedicated church members have sacrificed their time to serve in this ministry. Today, GBFPC is still guiding young people in truth through the ministry of Bible Quizzing and our goal is to continue to see young people’s lives changed through the unadulterated Word of God.


  • Establishes relationships between Christian young people who have similar values and interests.
  • Develops deep friendships with teammates and competitors.
  • Produces a lasting spiritual impact through Bible memorization.
  • Increases in-depth knowledge of the Bible.
  • Teaches the necessity of studying.
  • Molds personality and builds character.
  • Encourages down-to-earth honesty and a cooperative team spirit with others.
  • Teaches application of Christian unity and sportsmanship.
  • Teaches goal-setting and how to work toward achieving goals
  • Builds self-confidence and aids in overcoming fear and nervousness.
  • Gets the Word of God in young people’s hearts.
  • Develops the ability to think quickly under pressure.
  • Develops mental acuity.
  • Develops perseverance and responsibility.
  • Develops an individual sense of accomplishment.
  • Develops the ability to work as a team.
  • Develops social skills.


  • A willingness to set aside time for study and to learn.
  • An encouraging attitude and spirit.
  • A willingness to be motivated and challenged and a desire to do your best!
  • Able to travel to several quiz competitions during quiz season.
  • Willingness to set aside necessary money to cover quiz expenses.

To learn more about the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship National Apostolic Bible Quizzing, visit http://wpfbq.com/page.php .