Bethel Academy

The administration and faculty want to WELCOME you to Bethel Apostolic Academy (BAA). BAA is a private school that is dedicated to training young men and women in spiritual ministry, instruction with right thinking, good conduct and clean living in light of Godly principles.

A phrase common to us is “A man and woman passed this way blessed of God.” Rev. & Mrs. I.H. Terry started the school in 1972 with a determination to train children in a Christian environment. This couple possessed a vision for the Word of God and the vision continues today. The need for a Christian school is more vital in today’s society than it was in 1972. Our prayer is that parents grasp this revelation and the school will continue to flourish under the leadership of the BAA School Board, Bishop Leon Frost, & Pastor Kevin Bradford. BAA is an extension of the ministry of Greater Bakersfield’s First Pentecostal Church.